Increasing and scaling revenue for a blossoming ecommerce brand


OMATA One is a new premium precision sports instrument to track cycling analytics. As our devices become increasingly connected, we become increasingly disconnected. This juxtaposition was the driving force behind the creation of the OMATA One.

How we helped OMATA

498 backers pledged $229,904 to help bring this project to life, but due to major manufacturing delays, we were faced with the challenge of increasing OMATA’s cash flow quickly to expand their runway. OMATA engaged Chickpea to create and execute their growth funnel and growth strategy: From audience development and customer acquisition to long-term growth consulting, we were responsible for achieving and sustaining a profitable launch strategy.

The results

52x ROAS (return on ad spend). Our marketing engine turned $1,200 of ad spend into $53,000 of new revenue.

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Growth funnel creation

Before we were engaged, OMATA lacked any sort of marketing automation or marketing focus. We built and operationalized an entire growth funnel that allowed OMATA to seamlessly scale.

Customer persona creation & segmentation

Because this was a pre-order launch campaign, we didn’t have historic data to work with or comparable products to research. Based on our user research, we created different types of funnels for different types of customers. We also created proactive segmentation methods (pixel optimization) that automated this experience.

Advanced email sequence

Based on our proactive segmentation methods by each customer persona, we created relevant email series that highlighted the pain points and value proposition for each cohort. Because these were so niche by segment, we had an average open rate of 42.3%.

Chat bot creation and optimization

We also built a Facebook Messenger bot that automated our funnel stacking techniques, scaled our segmentation methods and diversified our broadcasting channels.  


Advanced customer acquisition ads

Because of this product’s hefty $550 price tag, the OMATA founders were hesitant to believe that this was a product that would do well on social. We thought otherwise.

Key messaging optimization by customer segment

Going back to our initial user research, we identified 3 main customer personas. We then created different sub-campaigns that highlighted the pain points and value proposition for different customer types.

Rapid fire multivariate-tested ads

In less than 10 days of signing our activation contract, we tested and analyzed 25 unique ad types that all experimented with different funnels. We closed the funnels that didn’t deliver substantial results and expanded the budget on the ad sets that yielded profitable CPAs.

Facebook group integrations

To decrease our reliance on paid acquisitions, we also integrated some of the chickpea team members and the OMATA founders into hyper-niche, cycling-centric Facebook Groups. With the right messaging, we integrated into these groups and generated 24 organic preorder sales ($13,200 in revenue) in one week.

Advanced retargeting

Because this was a product launch, we used a traffic expansion strategy that was supplemented by automated retargeting. We optimized our traffic ads to reduce our CPC, then we automatically hit web visitors with retargeting ads to reduce our CAC.

$11.76 CAC

We delivered a CAC that was less than 2% of the total value of the product.

52x ROAS

We turned a $1,200 ad spend into $56,100 of new revenue.


$0.27 Average CPC

In a highly niche demographic, our ad testing framework led us to a $0.27 average CPC.

98% Video Engagement

98% of our viewers watched 30 seconds or more of the video.