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chickpea combines powerful services, software and data to help your business get more leads, sales or installs faster and for less.

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More leads, sales or installs faster and for less

We’re an engine, not an agency. Instead of solely focusing on services, we utilize a vast toolkit of software and big data to pave the way towards hickey-stick growth for startups, for big companies, for you.

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Drive your cost per sale, lead or install down by using a programmed framework of audience testing

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Maximize Facebook advertising budget by increasing reach, cutting CPAs and optimizing your targeting

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Improve your CAC:LTV ratio by cutting your CPA and expanding your audience base

Cut your CPAs and achieve hockey-stick growth

Big data

Our 150M+ data points allow you to cut your customer acquisition costs, scale your revenue, reduce ad fatigue and identify new revenue opportunities.


Thoughtful UX

Well-considered design changes your customer’s lives. Before launching our system, our team identifies new audience segments through thoughtful UX to reduce your CPA.

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Funnel optimization

Optimize funnels that yield profitable CPAs and improve your CAC:LTC ratio using actionable data produced by our marketing engine.


A/B/C Testing

Test-fail-optimize-scale, quickly. Our rapid-fire testing system makes every advertising dollar count by allowing us to identify profitable funnels fast.

Cut your CPAs by harnessing the power of over 150,000,000 social media data points

Most companies waste thousands of dollars discovering which audience to target. Our data makes it simple to hit the right audience the first time. We’ve helped you save thousands in ad spend by investing over $1M into capturing social media data points that we give you access to.

🔺Harness the power of big data

🎯Hit the right audience every time

😍Save thousands in wasted ad spend

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Identify new audience segments with an intuitive customer research framework

With our data and UX-driven customer research framework, our system is able to identify new audience segments and reposition your product or service to expand and diversify your revenue. This cuts your CPA now and forever by reducing audience ad fatigue, and therefore bubbling CPAs.

🆕Find new revenue opportunities and audiences

🔬Study and identify different audience segments

🔍Refocus and reposition products based on data

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Find profitable funnels fast using a powerful multivariate testing framework

Constant iteration and funnel testing is at the core of what we do. We uncover profitable funnels fast using a multivariate testing framework across all channels. By cutting the testing time in half and by iterating quickly, we pave the way towards lasting profitability and growth.

💡Test every possible audience segment and funnel

🧠Iterate ads quickly to reduce CPAs

🌟Increase engagement and maximizes impact

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Improve your CAC:LTC ratio using actionable data produced by our marketing engine

With global small business competition, you can’t afford to have your customer acquisition cost rise. Our growth marketing engine takes an ax to your acquisition cost by harnessing the power of 150M data points, thoughtful UX, rapid-fire funnel testing and funnel optimization to improve your CAC:LTV ratio.

💸Improve your CAC:LTV ratio

📉Cut your PPC, CPL, CPA and CAC fast

🛡️Defend your campaign from increasing CPAs

Dozens of winning growth strategies. One call.

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