We create long-lasting, positive growth for your business.

We are a team of acquisition experts, engineers, and designers who create, execute, and scale growth for startups, for big brands, for you.

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You’re paying too much to acquire and retain your customers.

Cracking the code to growth is expensive, time consuming and overwhelming. We exist as an all-in-one, integrative and dynamic growth solution to help your business acquire and retain customers.

Our approach to growth

Our growth framework is designed to not only expand your customer base, but to also refocus products to different customer cohorts. This approach creates what we call intelligent growth, or growth that is rooted in creating positive, long-lasting impacts for your business.


customer research, segmentation analysis and user journey optimization

Our process begins with rapid-fire research that uncovers customer pain points and segments psychographics to identify new opportunities. Our designers and engineers then deconstruct and streamline your entire customer journey to enhance the experience of each segment.


full funnel creation, streamlined by our toolkit

We design and build your acquisition and sales funnels, then we streamline them with proprietary technologies in our toolkit. This is an iterative, dynamic process that sets the foundation for seamless scaleability before we run massive amounts of traffic through your business.


growth execution, analysis and optimization

At chickpea, our motto is test-fail-optimize-scale, quickly. We exhaustively test every channel, positioning statement and creative without over spending. We then close the funnels that were ineffective, optimize the methods that delivered profitable results and scale the entire campaign for sustainable success.


We are not an agency — we are your new growth engine.

We are a growth engine, this means that we combine services and software to help create long-lasting, positive growth for your company. Our services are scaled and streamlined by proprietary softwares that improve the quality of your traffic, help tailor customer interactions and increase your conversion rates.

How we add value

We create growth for most of our clients within 30 days of activation.

Fast activation

There isn’t a cliff when you engage our team, we move quickly and effectively.

Customer-centric campaigns

We use thorough user/customer research to segment customer cohorts, refocus campaign messaging and identify new revenue and engagement opportunities.

Beautifully designed UX for growth

Before any project, our designers and engineers streamline and optimize your entire customer journey by analyzing customer behavior by segment and by enhancing customer interactions.

Access to custom audiences and data

We’ve collected millions of data points across different psychographics and demographics. We give you full access. 

Best-in-class targeting on all channels

We use a highly advanced targeting framework to determine what works and what doesn’t, then we niche all of our ads down by customer segment to decrease CPAs.

Custom gamification and referral solutions

As acquisition costs rise, we help your business maintain profitable margins by designing and executing custom gamification and referral solutions.

Access to personalized email marketing technologies

We use proprietary email marketing technologies to improve your conversion rates and personalize interactions with your customers.

Vantage on growth

We’ve spent millions testing the strategies that work, all so you don’t have to.

Growth training for you and your staff

We turn your team into growth experts by training them how to do what we do.

Ready for growth?

Email us to set up a call. We’ll go over strategies that will help create long-lasting, positive growth for your company.